• Brian Huang

Updated Table Saw Bench

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

In order to use the table, I had to add a few more supports, route out a channel for the miter channel, and put in a shelf.

I didn't even notice, but the bottom legs were completely splayed out. I had one side almost 3 inches wider than the other side. I added cross braces to each side to pull the front / back legs together. I also put in a plywood base at the bottom to add structure as well as provide a space to store my table sleds.

On the top of the table, I had to route out two channels to allow the table sleds to pass through. A 1/2" flat router bit fit perfectly for this. The table saw is still not anchored, but it is pushed as far over to the left as possible. I did add a stop on the left side of the foot. Hopefully, I can use this to mount or secure the table saw down.

With the table saw mounted, the shop is finally starting to feel a little more functional. I have two additional general purpose workbench tables that can be moved around easily and re-configured as needed. I think that the saw will probably be placed on the end as shown i the second photo. This allows me to use the other two tables as an extension, and it allows me to push up against the tables as well.

Next step will be to start moving more of the hand tools into the space, hang them, and possibly mount french cleats for other organization.

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