Brian began his career as an electrical engineer, and after 8 years working in the industry, he fell in love with teaching, and left engineering to pursue a Masters in Education at CU Boulder at start a second career as an educator. He has been in education for a total of 12 years. During this time, he has taught high school physics, general science, engineering, math, and computer science, and he has also led professional development and training around integrating microcontrollers and electronics for teachers across the country in maker-centric classrooms.

Two years ago, he helped co-found HackSchool, a non-profit focused around building makerspaces and educational settings that focus on using engineering and design tools to make communities better. For the past two years, he has been teaching at Strive Prep Excel, an urban school in North Denver, teaching students how to apply design thinking, engineering, and programming toward making the world a better place.


This year Brian has moved to Chicago to join the Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center teaching physics and engineering this year and bringing HackSchool to Chicago.


I started my career as an RF / Antenna design engineer, but I have now spent more time in education working with digital fabrication tools and encouraging the Maker mindset.

I try to empower my students to tinker, break, and fix things in their lives with digital fabrication and electronics. I now run a center program called HackSchool in North Denver with students at STRIVE Prep Excel where we apply engineering toward solving problems in their community.  



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